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In Store Services

Film Developing, Photo Printing, Fine Art Printing, Scanning & More

Develop Film, Scan, Print:

  • Process C41/Color negative, Black and White film, and E6 slide films.
  • 35mm film developing, 120mm film developing, 4x5 film developing.
  • Scratch-free professional Refrema Dip & Dunk processing
  • Same day film developing.
  • Develop film/Develop + Scan/Develop + Scan + Print, Upload scans.
  • Push/Pull, Cross Processing and much more. 

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  •  Noritsu Scanning:    An economical scanning solution for negatives and slides. 35mm, 120mm and 220mm film.
  •  Imacon Scanning:    Great scans at a great price for negatives and  chromes. 35mm, 120mm, 220 mm & 4x5 sheet film.
  •  Drum Scanning:       Highest quality scans for all film sizes.
  •  Flatbed Scanning:    Scans of reflective artwork or photographs.

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Fine Art Printing:

  • Specializing in gallery & exhibition level printing for shows, artist portfolios, & wall art.
  • We walk you through every step for beautiful museum-grade prints.

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Digital Printing:

  • Create artwork and enduring mementos from your film or digital media.
  • Photographic/Chromogenic prints up to 48" x 120".
  • Inkjet prints up to 60" x 120".

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Darkroom Printing:

  • Hand-print Color and Black & White RC prints from 5” x 7” to 20” x 24”.
  • Black & White Fiber prints.
  • Optical Contact Sheets.

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  • We have experience working for the most demanding image makers in the world.
  • Everything from color adjustments to clean, spotless beauty and multi-image composites.

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  • Film output of a digital file! LVT stands for “Light Value Transfer”
  • Expose a digital file onto either negative film or positive slide film.

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Film Developing by Mail, Print Online.

Professional Photo Lab, Pro Quality Photo Printing.

Mail Order Film Developing/Processing, Scanning & Printing:

  • Order film processing online and send in your film using our FREE  mailing label, and we'll ship it right back to your door. Store pickup available!
  • 35mm film developing, 120mm film developing, 4x5 film developing, 8x10 film developing, even 110mm film developing.
  • Color negative, Black & White negative and Slide(E6) film processing.
  • 24hr production turnaround on developing only, 48hrs on develop + scan or develop + scan + print, 72hrs on combo + proof/contact sheet!
  • Upload scans/burn to CD/DVD/Thumbdrive.

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Easy Prints is our online  photo  printing service:

  • Upload, edit, and print your digital camera and mobile device images.
  • Prices as low as 24 ¢ a print. Wallet size up to 24”x30
  • Crop, resize, colorize, and add borders..
  • Glossy, Matte/Satin and Luster Fujicolor Crystal Archive Super Type C paper.
  • Ship your prints or pick up at lab.
  • Bulk Prints/Batch tools for printing  large quantities of 4x6's.

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Pro Prints - Professional photo printing for ready to print files!

  • In moments, you can upload your sized, color-managed, ready-to-print files and we'll make the highest quality prints.
  • Photographic and Pigment Inkjet prints, sizes 4 x 6" up to 48" x 120".
  • Wide range of Photographic(Lightjet output) and Pigment Inkjet(Epson output) papers to choose from.
  • Prints up to 58”x120” available in store.  Please contact us for more information.
  • Ship prints or pickup at store!

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Photo Printing

Get some of the best photo printing services at competitive prices! You can easily upload photos online, choose the dimensions you want and place an order to print photos and have them sent to you through FedEx or the mail. Otherwise, in-store orders are quickly and efficiently processed.

Film Developing

FInd all the tech and expertise you need to get film scanning and development done in-store. We also offer online services for film development and scanning so you can easily place an order, have scans uploaded and processed film delivered to you through the mail.