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ePrints Pricing

Please select one of the following service types for detailed pricing information.

Shipping Rates

Spend under $20$20-$99.99$100-$499.99$500-$999.99$1,000+
USPS 7-10 Days$10.00$8.50$5.00*FREE**FREE*
USPS 7-10 Days W/Signature Confirmation$12.25$10.75$7.00*FREE**FREE*
FedEx Express Saver 3 Days†$31.00$31.00$35.00$30.00*FREE*
FedEx Standard Overnight†$40.00$40.00$35.00$30.00*FREE*

Shipping rates are based on the order cost prior to tax and after discounts. Multiple orders cannot be combined.
Please note that normal turnaround time is two business days for most orders.
†Not available in Alaska or Hawaii, please call customer service if you need expedited shipping options.