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Mail Order Film Developing/Processing

Benefit from the quality of Kodak, Fuji & Ilford and the expertise of The Icon

We use Kodak/Fuji/Ilford chemicals and maintain the tightest processing parameters in the industry. Combined with The Icon's mission to uphold the highest possible lab standards and our unparalleled technical skill, it's clear why we provide the best quality processing and printing available, period.

E-6, C-41, B&W - we develop it all. You can control your processing from the moment you order with optional pushing/pulling, cross processing,  4x6, 5x5, 6x6 and 5x7 prints,  and adjustable resolution scanning,

We're passionate about the look and feel you get with film.  With over 20 years of experience developing C41/Color negative, Black and White, and E6  films, our skilled technicians process your film right and on time - usually the same day.

We continually develop C41 (color negative), B&W negative, and E6 (color slide) films in-house using Professional Refrema Dip and Dunk technology to ensure your film comes out clean and clear;   there's no roller transport film processor  at The Icon to scratch your film!

Our online system makes developing your film easier than ever. Place your order on our site, send your film to us using our FREE prepaid mailing label, and we'll ship your order to your door. And because we develop film Monday through Friday, you'll never sacrifice quality for speed.

Here's what we can do for you
• Develop only;
• Develop and Contact Sheets;
• Develop and Rollscans, either 72dpi JPEGS or 300 dpi TIFFS;
• Develop and Prints;
• Develop, Rollscans and Prints

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