At The Icon we offer quality scanning solutions at competitive prices  for professional photographers, artists, prosumers, hobbyists, or the general public.  

Drum Scanning (Crosfield Scanner) - Get the best from your negatives and chromes!
Priced per single image, a Drum scan captures the full tonal range and detail in any original. Ideal for capturing your image to retouch and larger size reproduction, we scan film from 35mm up to 8x10” as well as non standard film sizes such as 110, 126 and panoramics.

The entire frame of any format - including rebate or borders - can be scanned!  Virtually unlimited resolution results in file sizes up to 2GB from any original.  This service includes manual adjustments for color and exposure, and will be a reasonable match to originals or unmanipulated photographic samples.

We can also achieve specific output dimension and resolutions.  Slight scratches on the originals are reduced due to the oil-mounting process of the scan. Film strips are cut to accommodate mounting on the glass scanner drum.

If a color reference is not provided, then the color, density and contrast of the image will be done according to our best discretion. Scans will NOT be redone due to incorrect color/density/contrast when no reference is provided.

Imacon Scanner ( Hasselblad Flextight X5 Scanner) - Great scans at a great price!
The Flextight X5 scanner, by Hasselblad, produces excellent, near drum scan quality files at a fraction of the drum scan cost.  Ideal for editorial, portfolio, retouching, web use or large printing, the X5 scanner has a dynamic range of up to 4.9 and a maximum non-interpolated optical resolution of 8000 dpi for 135mm, 3200 dpi for 120 film and +2000 dpi for 4x5 film, ensuring your color negatives, black & white negatives, and chromes are scanned for optimal quality.

This scanner delivers detailed files suitable for retouching and large prints up to 20x24” (for larger print sizes we recommend a drum scan) from standard frame sizes such as 35mm, 6x4.5cm, 6x6cm, 6x7cm, 6x9cm and 4x5 inches. Each scan is manually adjusted for color and exposure by a skilled technician - you may need to do additional adjustments to achieve optimal results. Film must be cut to accommodate scanning by this scanner, and these scans will not include rebate, border or sprockets of film.

Color references should be provided when scanning negatives to achieve the most favorable results.

  Some cropping may occur!

Noritsu Scanner/Rollscans  - Quality Production Scans
Shoot it on film and then edit for selects, share it on the Web, with your clients, or friends and family.  An economical scanning solution for negatives and chromes, this scanner is optimised for negatives but makes acceptable scans from transparencies, and retains your highlights and doesn't crush your blacks - and it’s great with skin tones.  

Scan single images or entire rolls of film in sizes that are perfect for image editing or posting on social media, or print every frame. These scans are versatile enough for making prints up to 16 x 20” or as a starting point for retouching instructions.

Scans  - which cover approximately 96% of the entire image - and are adjusted for color balance and exposure.  While there is dust/scratch removal built into the scanner, you may need to do additional adjustments and clean-up to achieve optimal results.

Some cropping occurs!

Flatbed Scanner:
With a maximum scanning area of 12” x 17”, our commercial-grade flatbed scanner and experienced staff members can capture amazing detail from your reflective artwork, be it a new or vintage photograph or original artwork.

Perfect if you have an older print that’s seen better days, in combination with our Retouching service, or a print you want to share with your family and loved ones.

Scans are manually adjusted for color and exposure, and will be a near match to the original.  Due to the nature of reflective originals, it is common for embedded dust and slight damage or imperfections to the original to be intensified by the scanning process. Scans of spotted or damaged originals can be “cleaned-up” for an additional fee.

Digital Capture:
Copy work - photographically reproducing larger two-dimensional images (such as paintings, drawings, prints or photographs) - involves making the closest duplicate of the original image as possible.  We use the appropriate  lens to minimize distortion, and get the camera angle and lighting just right so that no shadow or reflection alters its appearance.

Copy Work/Digital Capture Pricing
up to 100MB    $150.00/image

Turnaround - 3 days (Rush Services of 2 days, 24 hours and ASAP may be available, subject to production schedule).
Turnaround does not include weekends or non-open holidays.

Price Lists

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