Film output of a digital file! LVT stands for Light Value Transfer, the process of transferring a digital image onto either slide film or negative film.  

You might need a digital image made into a slide or negative for a slide show, to project, to print in the darkroom,  for submission to a school or competition, a presentation at a meeting or lecture, or to archive your collection or catalogue your work.  Converting your digital file to analogue media, either slide film or negative, will result in imagery that lasts, makes an impact and preserves the detail of your original.  It is also by this method that we make high quality slide duplicates of your existing slides.

Turnaround is usually 4 business days, not including weekends or holidays.

LVTs are priced at $15.00 per image from digital files with a $100.00 minimum order, or $20.00 per image for slide duplicating, also with a $100.00 minimum order.

When submitting digital files for LVT, dimensions should be 0.923” x 1.362” at 1016 dpi or 938 pixels by 1384 pixels.

Also available through our online service.