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In Store Services

Film Developing, Photo Printing, Fine Art Printing, Scanning & More

Develop Film, Scan, Print:

  • Process C41/Color negative, Black and White film, and E6 slide films.
  • 35mm film developing, 120mm film developing, 4x5 film developing.
  • Scratch-free professional Refrema Dip & Dunk processing
  • Same day film developing.
  • Develop film/Develop + Scan/Develop + Scan + Print, Upload scans.
  • Push/Pull, Cross Processing and much more. 

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  •  Noritsu Scanning:    An economical scanning solution for negatives and slides. 35mm, 120mm and 220mm film.
  •  Imacon Scanning:    Great scans at a great price for negatives and  chromes. 35mm, 120mm, 220 mm & 4x5 sheet film.
  •  Drum Scanning:       Highest quality scans for all film sizes.
  •  Flatbed Scanning:    Scans of reflective artwork or photographs.

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Fine Art Printing:

  • Specializing in gallery & exhibition level printing for shows, artist portfolios, & wall art.
  • We walk you through every step for beautiful museum-grade prints.

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Digital Printing:

  • Create artwork and enduring mementos from your film or digital media.
  • Photographic/Chromogenic prints up to 48" x 120".
  • Inkjet prints up to 60" x 120".

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Darkroom Printing:

  • Hand-print Color and Black & White RC prints from 5” x 7” to 20” x 24”.
  • Black & White Fiber prints.
  • Optical Contact Sheets.

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  • We have experience working for the most demanding image makers in the world.
  • Everything from color adjustments to clean, spotless beauty and multi-image composites.

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  • Film output of a digital file! LVT stands for “Light Value Transfer”
  • Expose a digital file onto either negative film or positive slide film.

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  • Photo restoration for wear and tear, scuff marks, dust, scratches, fold marks, markings, water damage, fading, discoloration, torn or just poorly printed images.

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