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In Store Services

Professional Film Developing(E6, C41, B&W), Fine Art Printing, Digital Printing, Scanning, Digital Capture, Restoration, LVT


Fine Art Department:  Specializing in gallery/exhibition level printing, whether for a show, artist portfolio, or simply a beautiful print of your favorite image. Let's meet to discuss your project and we'll walk you through every step to beautiful museum-grade prints.

Film Developing, Roll Scanning and Machine Prints:   
Scratch-free Dip & Dunk developing of E6, C41 and Black & White Negative  of 110mm, 35mm, 120mm, 220mm, 4x5, 8x10 - even 11x14 sheet film,  plus rollscanning and printing services!

Our scanning technicians  capture the best of your film, photos and artwork to suit your needs using Noritsu, Imacon, Drum,  Flatbed or Digital Capture.

Digital Printing:   
From small to large, our Direct-to-Print and Custom Print services help you create artwork and enduring mementos from your film or digital media.

Darkroom/Conventional Prints:  
We hand-print Color and Black & White RC prints from 5” x 7” to 20” x 24”, Fiber prints or optical contact sheets.

Retouching:  We have experience working for the most demanding image makers in the world, everything from simple color adjustments to clean, spotless beauty and multi-image composites.  Make an appointment to talk to one of our retouchers for an estimate on your project.

LVT:  Film output of a digital file! Standing for “Light Value Transfer”,  LVT is the process of exposing a digital file onto either negative film or positive slide film.