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Digital Services

It’s a digital world, so bring your film and artwork into the Digital Age!

Starting with film or starting with digital files, The Icon has the tools and the expertise to bring your imagery to perfection.

Scanning/Image Capture

Noritsu Scans - Have us process your film and scan or print each frame (or both!), or scan individual images.  Fast and economical, these scans offer a full range of tones from rich blacks to bright whites, are versatile enough for making prints up to 16 x 20”, or use them as a starting point for retouching instructions.

Also available online!

Imacon Scans - Our Flextight X5 scanner, by Hasselblad, produces near drum-scan level files perfect for retouching, web use, or publication or printing up to 20” x 24” (for larger print sizes we recommend a drum scan) at a super low price for this quality. Each scan from your standard frame sized film such as 35mm, 6x4.5cm, 6x6cm, 6x7cm, 6x9cm or 4x5” is manually adjusted for color and exposure but will not include rebate, border or sprockets of film.

Color references should be provided when scanning negatives to achieve the most favorable results.

Drum Scans - The highest quality scanner available, our Crosfield Drum Scanner captures the full tonal range and detail in any original in minute detail. Perfect for capturing your image for retouching and large size reproduction (especially for exhibition printing with our Fine Art Department) we scan film from 35mm up to 8x10” as well as non standard film sizes such as 110, 126 and panoramics that we can’t scan on our other scanners, and we can capture the full rebate of the film including banner information and sprockets!

As with the Imacon scanner, color references should be provided when scanning negatives to achieve the most favorable results.

Flatbed Scanning - With our commercial-grade flatbed scanner we can capture amazing detail in your new or vintage photographs or from your original artwork up to 12” x 17”. For your photos that have seen better days, use it in combination with our Retouching Service to fix fading, creases or tear outs.

Scans are manually adjusted for color and exposure, and will be a near match to the original. Due to the nature of reflective originals, it is common for embedded dust and slight damage or imperfections to the original to be intensified by the scanning process. Scans of spotted or damaged originals can be “cleaned-up” for an additional fee.

Digital Capture - For pieces and artwork larger than our Flatbed Scanner can accommodate The Icon offers our Digital Capture service - photographically reproducing larger two-dimensional images such as paintings, drawings, prints or photographs in our studio.

Retouching/Photo Restoration- Serving the professional and non-professional photographic communities alike, our retouching department can help you take your images to the next level. Our experts have years of experience in beauty retouching, removing or adding elements, and repairing wear and tear inflicted by time to photographs.

Digital Printing

Fine Art Department - Put our curator, color technologist and master printers in your artist’s toolbox to bring your artistic vision to life in prints for exhibition, purchase, or to display in your home! Fine Art Prints include an 11x14 test print for your approval, 15 minutes of file prep/adjustment to optimize your image, and your final print.

For an additional charge we can also create strip tests, make additional tests, or work on color and other issues in our retouching department. Call to schedule your free consultation!

Icon Prints - Have files or film you want to print larger, but not necessarily at the level of service provided by The Icon's Fine Art Dept? Talk with one of our customer service representatives about your project, and our specialist will work with you to achieve your final print. Time is charged by the quarter hour, and printing services are charged as à la carte Pro Prints. You choose the level of service to meet your budget,and no appointment necessary!

Pro Prints - Give us your sized, color-managed, ready-to-print files and we'll make the print from as small as 4"x6" up to 48" x 120" and any size in between, printed by our master printers on the same professional equipment as our Fine Art prints. Whether Chromogenic Photographic paper or Pigment Inkjet, we have a range of tested papers and surfaces to suit your artistry.

Not sure if your images are ready to print or not? Check out our Digital Prints page for details on what we need from you, or give us a call.

Pro Print service does NOT include testing, color correction, sizing, adding borders, revisions, spotting, retouching, or reprints (unless there is a printing defect). Image files that do not fit our requirements or require our intervention in any way (resizing, clean trimming, etc.) will need to be handled in another way. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Icon for assistance.