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Digital Prints

From fashion, editorial, portraits, portfolios and artwork to mementos of your family and friends,
The Icon offers a variety of services for premium quality prints!

Fine Art Prints - A comprehensive custom fine art print service providing individualized services and attention to each client. The Fine Art Department works by appointment with clients such as individual artists, galleries, museums, collectors and designers looking to print their work.

If you’re interested in working with the Fine Art Dept., contact us at to set up an appointment to review your files. During this complimentary consultation we can discuss all aspects of your project such as paper choices, print sizes and any image concerns you might have.

Visit our Fine Art Department page here.

Custom Prints -  For clients who require assistance printing images from film or digital files, but not necessarily at the level of service provided by The Icon's Fine Art Dept. Talk with one of our customer service representatives about your project, and our specialist will work with you to achieve your final print. Time is charged by the quarter hour, and printing services are charged à la carte.  You choose the level of service to meet your budget, and no appointment necessary!

Some of the services we offer  for  Custom  prints  include  file assessment, editing assistance, sizing  files for print, color correction including contrast and density adjustments,  or raw file processing. This service is ideal for those whose files are not Direct To Print ready or printing from a raw scan.

Time is charged at $75.00 per hour, in 15-minute increments. Prints charged as Custom Prints.

We highly recommend doing a test print before printing large size print.

Pro Prints ( Direct to Print) - Printed by our master printers on the same professional equipment as our Fine Art prints, Pro Prints give you exhibition quality prints - fast!  

Give us your sized, color-managed, ready-to-print files and we'll make the print, from as small as 4"x6" up to 48" x 120" and any size in between.  Whether Chromogenic Photographic paper or Pigment Inkjet, we have a range of tested papers and surfaces to suit your artistry.  Sounds so easy, doesn't it?  Here's what we mean when we say "ready-to-print":

  • • Files should be sized as you want them to print, and be at 300dpi.  If you want a border around your image, be sure to include that in your file;

  • • Files need to be flattened, have a color profile  attached (grayscale is okay for Pigment Inkjet prints), be in 8-bit mode, and have no alpha channels;

  • • Save your files asJPG or TIFFS;

  • • Before committing to a large direct to print order we recommend that you print some test files. This will help you to become familiar with the process and judge the quality of your monitor calibration.

Direct to Print services do  NOT include testing, color correction, sizing, adding borders, revisions, spotting, retouching, or reprints (unless there is a printing defect). Image files that do not fit our requirements or require our intervention in any way (resizing, clean trimming, etc.) will need to be handled in another way.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Icon for assistance.

Also available through our online services!

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